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We are so pleased to have you here. At Mentors Consult we take very seriously the mentors we allow on our platform.

We are committed to providing top-notch service to our members. We believe in quality over quantity. There is a unique quality each mentor brings to the table and we believe you have it in you.

How It Works

Benefits of being on Mentors Consult

To become a mentor with Mentors Consult, we ask that you offer low-end and high-end packages. If you are a mentor that works individual based and would still like to be a part of MC, Azmina offers a 15-minute consultation to see if you have a package you can develop and offer on our site. We do not offer hourly sessions to our clients. We want them to benefit fully, and so we believe if they are able to go through a program from start to end, they will get the most out of it.

Mentors Consult showcases your packages to our members. Once a member decides to purchase your package, we facilitate that process and connect the member to you directly.

Mentors Application Process

Fill in the application form with all fields completed. We then assess your application. Upon approval, you are charged your fee and need to complete your profile (including uploading of packages you offer).


  1. As a mentor, you get to showcase your best packages to a new market of clients.
  2. You get a marketing platform. Our fees (irrespective of what tier you choose) can be written off as a marketing expense.
  3. Access to members from across the globe. Mentors Consult is global and attracts members from all over.
  4. A place to share your resources with like-minded people committed to making a change.
  5. You get to work on developing your packages and we handle the marketing for you.

Mentors Consult showcases your packages to our members. Once a member decides to purchase your package, we facilitate that process and connect the member to you directly.


Our Mentors Pricing

Resource : A document, vLog, chance to highlight yourselves on our Resource Page.
Spotlight : A chance to be interviewed on your service and your specialty or chance to upload your product or service on our Resource page.
Email Blast: A chance to email blast a new service roll-out or package promotions with our client base.
* Resource & Spotlight are based on one-yearly subscription.

Menotor Terms


Silver - Month to Month
Gold - Minimum 6 months
Platinum - Minimum 3 months

*All resources should be submitted in advance.
*Specify what the topic will be.

Mentor Terms

Email Blast

Silver - one email last per calendar year
Gold - 3 Email blast per Calendar year
Platinum - 6 Email blast per Calendar year

*Note that email blast that you require to be sent out should be sent 2 weeks prior to wecare@mentorsconsult.com
It will be your responsibility if you would like to email blast your new packages and offerings.

Mentor Terms


Gold - Topics should be submitted in advance with any handouts for the topic
Platinum - Topics should be submitted in advance with any handouts for the topic

*You will receive an email to schedule your dates of spotlight and time allocations.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I signup as a member ?

We offer membership tier packages that allow you access to the site and to our ongoing learning resource platform. Once you become a member you will gain access to our mentor database and all the packages offered. You also get an opportunity for a free consultation with our founders for 15 mins to help you with any questions/uncertainties you may have.


How do I signup as a mentor ?

Mentors can sign up via the mentor page. Once your application is submitted, it is reviewed thoroughly and then either approved or rejected. Upon approval, you are notified and then can go on and complete building your profile.


I am interested in the service, but am not sure what program works best for me ?

You have access to a 15 min consultation with either Azmina or Tahira to help you figure it out. If you are unsure whether to become a member or not, please free to send us an email and we can talk you through the process and figure out if we are a good fit for you.

What if I have a problem with the mentor I have chosen to work with ?

If a member encounters any problem with a mentor, they can contact us through email and we will follow up with a call and figure out an amicable solution. Read our Terms and services.

Terms & Conditions

What is Mentors Consult?

Mentors Consult is an online membership site that provides access to packages from mentors in the coaching industry to help members with their personal and professional growth needs.

Mentors are top of the industry and from around the globe, providing members with an array of choices to work with. Each mentor offers low-end and high-end packages to suit members needs both in terms of what they need as well as financially.

Can I cancel my membership ?

There is a minimum 3-month sign up required, after which you may choose to cancel your membership.

Do I get access to all membership tier ?


What happens once I purchase a package to a specific mentor?

Once a package is purchased, the mentor contacts you directly and you are able to work out the package details, schedules, etc one on one.

How often can I access to resource center ?

The resource centre is always accessible. It is updated monthly with new resources.

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