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Mentors Consult provides you with customized training and development tools for you and your organization. We are invested in inspiring growth mindsets across the globe. We offer customized training & development programs; and membership community with access to online learning resources, coach practitioners, trainers & speakers.

Our Services include


Training & Development

Customized training & development programs for your organization. Needs assessment to identify your organization’s growth area. Group coaching for employees as well as one-on-one coaching.


As a member you will get access to an ongoing online learning platform with a plentitude of resources and inspirations; 15 min consultation call to help assess your needs; and access to a network of mentors (coaches, trainers, & speakers) across the globe.

Why Choose Us

Why Mentors Consult

We believe the best investment we can make is in ourselves and our teams. Human beings have an unexplored potential of growth. We are also complicated and sometimes need the extra guidance to reach our true potential.

Common needs in organizations are: high employee turnover; team members aren’t engaged; paths to success are not clear; lack of succession planning; lack of mentoring & coaching.

As individuals we want to grow ourselves, but have no idea where to begin. Mentors Consult provides you with pathways for self development & professional development.

On Going Learning

Ongoing learning resource platform with best practices.

One Stop Shop

A one-stop portal for all your needs, you don’t have to do the research anymore, we provide you with a wide array of mentors and services.

Growth Mindset Community

Being a part of a growth-mindset community vested in your growth. A safe, objective and non-judgemental community.

Personalized Consulting

Personalized consulting to help assess your needs and provide you with direction.

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